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About the FAST Fund

The FAST (Faculty And Students Together) Fund assists students with emergency costs such as a lack of food, car repairs, medical necessities, job loss/reduction in work hours, or past due tuition so that they can continue with their education. 

The FAST FUND helps students with essentials that create obstacles to continuing their education.  These grants are awards, and do not need to be paid back by students.

Money for the FAST Funds have come from a grant by the AFT, a grant from Believe in Students, and from UPI members (faculty and staff)  donations because caring for our students is part of our work as an educational community. This project reflects the values of Bargaining for the Common Good because our commitment to our union is about more than just our own pay and work conditions. Compassion and helping our students are an expression of our collective values as a union working toward social justice.

Donate online through the PayPal link:  be sure to use the drop-menu for the

school of your choice.             

There is also a student activist program associated with the NEIU and GSU fast funds that is part of a larger coalition that includes the Cook County Community Colleges Teachers Union and the Milwaukee Area Technical College union.  These students, the Changemaker Fellows, have been trained to identify and advocate for the needs of students on their campuses. 

For more information about

the Changemaker Fellows.

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